Oak Parquet flooring restoration in north shields, tynemouth

Oak Parquet flooring restoration ,removing old floor vents and replacing parquet flooring

Floorcraft north east do many different type of flooring work from repairing wood floors to fitting to sanding and sealing and then finishing with water based floor lacquer .This oak parquet floor was original it is becoming more popular for our customers to choose reclaimed block parquet because this is more in keeping with period properties. When reclaimed parquet flooring is fitted and then sanded it has this fantastic lustre to the colour and a tighter grain because the tree has grown at a natural rate .When all the the joints between the parquet blocks are filled with a resin and sawdust mix then re-sanded it produces a fantastic look. Then it's finished with 3 to 4 coats of either lacquer or hard wax oil.

The 7 photo's below show work in progress , As standard in older properties when you lift the carpets sometimes there nice surprises in this particular case there was a lovely old parquet floor that needed a few repairs. This parquet floor is called an overlayfloor .

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