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reclaimed panga panga hard wood parquet fitting and finishing in tanfield lea

We started this job by cleaning off the old bitumen of the back of the reclaimed parquet block once we had done this they were ready for fitting .We put a plumb line down the centre of the room so the parquet would symmetrical to the room we then put additional line in to work from and started fitting the herringbone design as you from the photos.

Once this was done the adhesive was left to dry then we cut out the perimeter at 150mm from wall to put in a double block boarder . We then sanded back the parquet flooring enougto level all the reclaimed blocks and we screed filled all the joints with resin and fine saw dust mix and resanded then applied 3 coats of satin 2 pack floor lacquer.

The parquet flooring that you can see in this post is really old if you look closely its manufactured with hardwood dowels instead of tongue and groove .



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