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Reclaimed solid maple parquet fitting and restoration in Sunderland

This job we undercut the skirting boards in the lounge and hallway then we fixed any loose floor boards and fitted 6mm ply down with ring shank nail every 125mm . We marked a plumb line in the centre of hallway so when you came through the front door you looked down the middle of the herringbone pattern .The parquet was fitted in the herringbone design through hall and lounge once main area was fitted we then cut out ready for the double block boarder to be fitted nice and neat under the skirting boards .This parquet was then sanded back to level the reclaimed blocks once this had been achieved we then screed filled the floor with a resin and a very fine sanding dust to fill all the joints and left to dry for approximately 30 minutes . the parquet was then resanded to a very fine finish then polished in natural with 3 coats of matt 2 pack floor lacquer.


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