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Longfield Academy wood floor sanding and sealing inDarlington

Updated: Feb 1

Longfield School, in Darlington had a window broken and shards of glass embedded into the wooden floor on the stage which remove the glass prior to the sanding been done

The floor was in poor condition and this accident made the restoration project very important. The floor was sanded back to the original condition removing all old lacquer and scratches to floor. The floor sanding was done 2 ways because there was two different types of wood flooring. There was merbau parquet flooring on one side and merbau strip flooring to other which this beautiful look.

These beautiful wood floors where sanded back to reveal the fantastic colour of the natural merbau. The wood floor was then sealed with high gloss oil based floor lacquer to produce this beautiful look.

We got an email from Longfield Academy saying they where very pleased with the fantastic job we did and would be in touch for us to do another floor for them later in year.

Our floor sanding and sealing is to the highest standard, as is our wooden floor fitting. Based in County Durham we work throughout North East England but offer a national wood floor installation service.

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