Maple parquet flooring repaired after an undetected leak

The original floor was damaged by an undetected flood

under the parquet floor which corroded the concrete. The whole floor was lifted and the rotten blocks were thrown away and the sound blocks were hand scraped the remove the bitumen.  The concrete was re-screeded a number of times and a liquid DPM (damp proof membrane) was applied.

The maple parquet flooring blocks were re-fitted and mixed with new blocks to make up the number that were discarded.  The floor was sanded and lacquered to match the existing hallway.

This particular parquet floor could be done in oak parquet, walnut parquet and huge number of timber types and parquet blocks come in number of different sizes and widths.  There 4 different parquet floor thickness depending on you are trying to achieve we can also fit different parquet block boards to complement the main parquet floor.  This parquet floor was fitted in Durham City but we are parquet floor fitters in Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and the whole of the north-east.