Leyburn - Sam's Coffee Shop and Bistro - Commercial floor Sanding and hardwood floor fitting

Details Floorcraft (NE) supplied 40 square meters of solid oak flooring to match the existing  oak flooring.

The timber was glued directly onto the concrete to achieve exactly the same height as the existing hardwood flooring. When glued the whole wood floor (new and existing) was sanded and finished with a satin solvent floor lacquer, the most suitable for the bistro environment. This job was completed within three working days so the premises could be open for the weekend trade. In these circumstances Floorcraft (NE) will work 24 hour days (in teams) to complete on schedule.

The oak hardwood floors that were in Sam's Cafe were originally polished with a DIY finish that was not suitable for the footfall on this type hardwood flooring.  We

 sanded these oak floors to make them look fantastic as you can see -  It was pleasure to restore thissolid oak hardwood floor.